Featured in Scholastic's SCOPE magazine as one of eight new titles from favorite authors on their online "Book Buzz" Fall 2006 Recommended Reading List.

"... a thrilling and suspenseful adventure, McMillan immerses his readers into the culture and lives of Holocaust victims in a beautifully and painfully realistic and moving depiction."
-Children's Literature

"An unforgettable beautiful book! With a facile pen and a caring heart, Mr. McMillan has created a masterpiece."
-Gerda Weissmann Klein,
Academy Award recipient. Best Documentary Film, One Survivor Remembers, the story of her survival of the Holocaust

"His book is the missing link in children's Holocaust literature. He allows students to see the spirit of those who fought back and to understand the lengths they went to in order to keep their humanity."
-Suzanne Ransleben,
USA Today Teacher of the Year Award Recipient.
Creator of five-day Holocaust Studies program for schools adopted in eight states

"This is the book I wish I could have given my own children when they came of age to learn about the Holocaust. I completed my reading of Cezanne Is Missing with great appreciation and admiration for this inspiring work. I believe that this creative presentation of the Shoah will aid younger readers and adults as well, for it will provide them with a greater appreciation for the darkest time of human history. Time is running out for survivors to be able to tell their stories, and it will be books like this that will provide clarity of understanding for what happens in a world where indifference to the plight of other human beings abounds. Frank McMillan's Cezanne Is Missing is clearly a labor of love and the greatest reward for him will be the human love his story generates."
-Rabbi William H. Lebeau,
Vice-Chancellor & Dean of Rabbinical School, Jewish Theological Seminary, New York City

"Cezanne Is Missing by Frank McMillan will enlighten young readers by its non-preachy message and its fast-paced plot. Unifying, inspiring and compassionate -- this book builds a bridge of empathy and understanding between people of different religions and ethnic backgrounds."
-The Very Reverend James P. Morton,
Founder of The Interfaith Center of New York & Dean Emeritus of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York City

"A masterpiece! Cezanne Is Missing...captured the essence of the whole story of the Holocaust. The writing is subtle and beautiful, written in a way that young people will understand. An awesome and amazing book!"
-Ellen Fettner,
Outstanding Educator Award recipient, Anne Frank Foundation

"A tour de force of the human spirit and creative empathy. Frank McMillan has written a profound and healing book. He obviously cares for his soul, ours and the world's. Cezanne Is Missing should be read by people of all ages, from teens on up."
-Professor David H. Rosen, M.D.,
Texas A&M University, author of Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul Through Creativity and co-author of Medicine as a Human Experience

"We all know it is necessary for young generations to know about the Holocaust. But how? Frank McMillan has written a profoundly awakening book that should be read by young people everywhere. He has found another way to tell the story and it is brilliant. Cezanne Is Missing is deeply needed in our world today. I strongly recommend this book be on the reading lists of schools and libraries everywhere."
-Anna Smulowitz,
author of NEA-endorsed play Terezin: Children of the Holocaust performed at high schools throughout the country and abroad

"A beautifully crafted book and a rare gift to our young people. The gripping story becomes the vehicle for handing down the sacred teaching of never again by universalizing the Holocaust tragedy to every act of genocide and injustice. Cezanne Is Missing is a must read."
-Paul Mayer,
co-founder of Children of War (an international program of young survivors of war who tour schools throughout the world sharing their experiences)

"I read this wonderful book in one day. It keeps you in suspense from the first page to the final sentence. I couldn't put the book down; I couldn't wait to get to the next page. The author's blending of the Holocaust and the horrors of the past twenty years provide valuable moral lessons. Cezanne Is Missing is an excellent tool for educators, and I will use it next year in my classes. The way it is written will make students want to read this book. I give it an A+."
-James Saganiec, History Teacher
Garfield High School, Garfield, NJ

"There are no words to describe what this superb storyteller has achieved with Cezanne Is Missing. He engages the reader in such a way that he inspires and instills courage, peace, love and higher consciousness all at the same time. Young readers can't help but fall in love with the two young central characters of this book. Both they and the wonderful older characters are people I wish more of us had in our lives....Our world is so in need of this book. Young and old alike will learn about history, about life, about themselves, and about the way we should all live. I cannot thank author Frank McMillan enough."
-Esther Gerson Gerard
Educator, parent, and daughter of Holocaust survivors

"My sixth grade GT class read Cezanne Is Missing during a study of the Holocaust. All of my students loved the book....While the story is exciting and fast paced, it also teaches the reader that no one is too young to stand up for something they believe in. This is a great book...to integrate history and literature. I highly recommend it for use in the classroom."
-Carrie Wolter, Sixth Grade LA Teacher, Bishop, Texas

"Cezanne Is Missing is one of the most intriguing and, at the same time, educational books that I have ever read. I enjoyed every page and could hardly put the book down. The characters were well thought out and easy to relate to. I have read several books on the Holocaust, but this one presented the information in a brand new way. I would definitely recommend Cezanne Is Missing to anyone who is interested in learning a wonderful life lesson and have fun along the way!"
-Lauren Harris

"As a middle school English teacher, I was always on the lookout for books that would appeal to a classroom full of students from different backgrounds, races, religions, and having widely varying reading levels. This is just that book. It combines a fun, fast-paced story with the tragedy of the Holocaust, making the history come alive to today's reader. The novel sends a message of tolerance that is desperately needed today. I would highly recommend this book to educators, students, parents, and anyone looking for a great story."
-Mary Wandel

"I highly recommend Cezanne Is Missing for both young readers and adults. This fast paced novel has well developed characters and a plot that keeps the reader interested and cheering for the heroine, Lauren."
-John J. Robinson, Jr.