"I read it in one night because I couldn't put it down. It has everything: history, suspense, mystery, kidnapping, a love story, and the importance of knowing about the Holocaust. I loved it. Very powerful and very well-written. Superb ending. I read Elie Wiesal's Night twice, the best book I ever read on this subject. In a different way Cezanne Is Missing also really helps pull kids into this period in time and how it relates to today. I think Elie Wiesal would feel the same way too."
-Tiffany McKerahan, Hillsdale, New Jersey, 16 years old

"I really loved Cezanne Is Missing! Couldn't wait every day to read it, and would have finished in less than a week if I hadn't been in school every day with so much homework at night. It was such an exciting book! What an ending too! I learned so much and I felt right there on the scene as if I was right in the middle of the action. Tell me when this author finishes his next book. I want to read every book he writes!"
-Eric Van Der Stratten, Black Mountain, North Carolina, 15 years old

"A great book! I especially loved the World War II part. The suspense about the paintings kept me going right up to the climax. I never guessed! I hated to put it down when I had to go to school the next day. I stayed up late to finish it and read it in two days even with schoolwork! The author knows how to reach us on our level. If I had to read a book just because of this subject matter, it wouldn't have gotten to me as much as what he did here. And I never would read it unless I had to. But I was so involved in this story and identified so much with the characters. And I loved how it goes back and forth between today with two kids on the trail of the kidnappers and the whole Holocaust experience of World War II with the teenage heroes then -- and the connection between the two separate times. That made me relate more to everything that happened during the Holocaust. I really loved this book! What an unbelievable great ending! I can't wait till Cezanne Is Missing is published so I can buy it for my friends."
-Mark Wiltshire, Saddle River, New Jersey, 16 years old

"This is the best novel I've ever read because I felt like I was the main character, Lauren, and that all of it was happening to me. It inspires and it teaches so much, but not in a way that I felt I had to learn -- not like an assignment. Yet I learned so much. I just couldn't put it down -- and I hate to read! It's an important book and it touched me very deeply. The best ending ever! "
-Jill Boyll, Jackson, Mississippi, 17 years old

"It's a great book! A great read! Very informative. I'd certainly recommend it to my teachers and my friends. I can't think of anything I've read that gets the message across like this one. You feel part of the action. It doesn't talk down to kids. A really fantastic ending too."
-Michael Frankel, New York City, 16 years old

"Cezanne Is Missing is awesome! One of the best books I ever read. I especially loved the character of Mrs. Rosen, the artist. The book teaches so much about what's important but I never thought about that while I was reading it. That hit me afterward when I finished because I just couldn't stop reading it. I loved this book! Everyone should read it especially in high school. "
-Tiila Abbitt, Tucson, Arizona, 17 years old

"This book was fantastic! I couldn't put it down. It was such a great story. I like that the author seems a lot like one of us."
-Katie Lacz, West Paterson, New Jersey, 12 years old

"This engrossing thriller about a teenage girl's discovery of the Holocaust is a great novel that teens can easily relate to. Thanks for letting me read Cezanne Is Missing. Couldn't put it down and loved the ending!"
-Laura Rosen, College Station, Texas, 15 years old

"Cezanne Is Missing is really easy to relate to since the story was told by a teenager. I learned a lot. The story was thrilling. It's so clever to go back to the time of World War II and yet also have the main action taking place today. Lauren and David talked and sounded like they were my friends. I didn't want the book to end."
-Ginny Urban, Corpus Christi, Texas, 16 years old

"I really liked this book. The secret of the missing paintings was a terrific idea. What a great introduction to the Holocaust, especially for kids between 12 to 15, because it's a surprise to you when you see why the story has to go there and because it's so important to hear this message. I definitely would recommend this to my friends."
-Danielle Mindess, Boxford, Massachusetts, 15 years old

"I can't say enough about how moved I was reading this book. Cezanne Is Missing is a story for all generations, not just mine. I cried in parts, laughed aloud in others, and I learned so much from it. I feel like I know the main characters as my friends. And throughout I felt it was also the story of my family, since almost my whole family was killed in the Holocaust in Poland. How important this book is to be read. Thank you for letting me read it."
-Jamie Lynn Girard, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, 15 years old

"I loved Cezanne Is Missing. I can't wait till it's published so I can give it to my friends to read. What an incredible ending! I never expected that! I hate to read, but this book was different. I felt like everything was happening to me. I loved how it moves back and forth between the present and the past. I want to read the next book this author writes. Let me know when!"
-Sara Lacz, West Paterson, New Jersey, 15 years old

"... brilliant ... unforgettable ... helps the reader understand the tragedy of the Holocaust....Mr. McMillan does such a wonderful job in making it very detailed, you feel as if you are there having to hide in closets or under floors hoping the Nazis won't find you and your life won't be taken away....I really think that this was an incredible novel."
-Claudia Perez, Bishop, Texas, 12 years old

"I especially liked the World War II part of the story. I started at 5 o'clock in the afternoon Friday and I finished Saturday afternoon. I liked the book so much I couldn't put it down!"
-Nicholas Zaragosa, Bishop, Texas, 10 years old

"This book really connects and makes us understand."
-Brandon Wilson, student