Author Frank McMillan first learned about the Holocaust from a classmate when he was in the third grade. Haunted by this knowledge and its implications, for years he wrestled with telling the story in a way that would engage young readers, even ones who ordinarily might not be interested, so that they might learn the truth as he did. Cezanne Is Missing is the result. In it, he speaks to the significance of memory, tolerance, and love, and the ever pressing need for bravery in the face of fanaticism and hate wherever they arise. His special acknowledgement to his young classmate is at the beginning of the book.

Frank McMillan lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, and teaches at both Texas A&M - Corpus Christi and Del Mar College. He has served on the board of several environmental and human service organizations. Currently, he works with nonprofit groups that address homelessness, poverty, illiteracy, and other urgent social issues.

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